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Okanagan Mediation Services

Okanagan Mediation Services is here to help you reach resolution in your life. 

Servicing Penticton, and the Okanagan, our mobile mediators come to you or we meet in the privacy of our office space.


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 Mediation is a process to reach agreements on a variety of topics between two people guided by a neutral mediator. It is an alternative option to potentially costly legal fees, encourages mutual cooperation, and potentially saves you time. We are a mobile mediation team, so we come to you, consultation and meetings can happen in the comfort of your own home, by telephone, skype, or alternatively we can meet in the privacy of our offices.

Why Mediation?

Mediation sets out with one goal, reach an agreement. We help facilitate both parties to find common ground, maintain relationships, and to maintain an open dialogue. The mediation process is an alternative to costly negotiations between lawyers, generally happens at a more rapid pace, and allows both parties to find a solution to situations that are easily solved before the courts need to become involved. The Mediation process is not binding, however, we do encourage both parties to be open minded to the process, and find resolution.



Commercial Mediation

During the course of business, disputes may arise, we seek to help bring resolution to  Partnership Dissolution, Landlord/Tenant Disputes, Builders/Realtors/Homeowner Disputes, Contract disputes.

Parenting Agreements

As in any separation or divorce, the well being of children is of the most importance. We help you find mutually agreeable terms to help you co-parent to the best of your ability.

Separation Agreements

One of the most crucial documents during the separation and divorce process, we help you agree to terms and draft up a separation agreement that is ready to file with the court registry.


Property Division

During a marriage, property is acquired. We help you decide the fairest way to divide your marital property. 

Child Support

Ensuring you reach an agreement on how your children will be supported during separation and beyond is critical. Our team helps you understand obligations and helps find a solution.


At times dispute resolution is necessary within uncommon areas, school conflict, victim/offenders of crime, faith communities. We strive to provide inclusive resolution to all situations.


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